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Booking and Methods of Payment – We accept cash and credit cards via Square. We require payment to finalize all orders at the time of booking. Our schedule is often booked 10-14 days in advance so we highly recommend getting your order placed with payment as early as possible. We do hit our limit each week and cannot take orders past that limit due to the quality of work we strive to place into each order. If you have enquired about an order but have not placed your payment in full to secure your date by the time our weekly limit is reached we will not be able to add your order to our schedule at that point. 

Cancellation Policy – The payment is non-refundable. The payment is transferable to another event within one (1) calendar year of our receipt of your payment or can be issued in form of in-store credit via Cakebuds gift card. Decorating classes can be transferred to another available class date or redeemed for store credit. 

Additional Charges – A 3.5% non-cash fee will be charged to all credit card payments. Cash payments can be made in our storefront during business hours to secure your order. A supply charge fee is added to orders. With the dramatic change in cost of goods and payroll this fee is added to assist us in keeping the cost of our products stationary while taking in higher costs to make our products. The percentage of this fee is reevaluated regularly based on our costs.

Changes – You may make reasonable changes to the design of your cake up to 1 week prior to your event, with exception to wedding cakes. All wedding cake designs and details must be finalized 2 week prior to the wedding. Additional decorating charges may be added to your order, depending on the nature of the changes. If the changes you request require additional digital mockups, we will also impose a design fee of $20/hour. In such event, we will send you a Change Order Addendum that describes such changes and any resulting additional charges. 

Deposit for Cake Stands– In the event that you choose to use one of our cake stands or pedestals, we require a $50 refundable deposit for each item that is on loan to you. 50% of your rental deposit will be returned to you if each item is returned to us, clean and unharmed, within five (5) days of the event. We reserve the right to keep your deposit (or to deduct a reasonable portion of the deposit to cover cleaning or restoration costs) if these conditions are not met. Borrowed stands must be returned to our bakery (410 South Roan Street, Johnson City, TN 37601) during business hours, within the 5 days following your event.

Fresh Flowers – If you wish to have fresh flowers arranged on your cake, it is your responsibility to supply the flowers (whether they are self-sourced or ordered through your event florist). In choosing to have fresh flowers arranged on your cake, you acknowledge that fresh flowers are not food products, and may be toxic or contain pesticide/herbicide residues, dirt, insects, and/or other contaminants. If we have been informed prior to the event date that fresh flowers will be supplied for your cake, we will gladly arrange these flowers on your cake for you, upon our arrival on site. However, all responsibility for the freshness, color, overall condition, and cleanliness of the flowers rests with you (and/or the event florist).

Our Obligation – We take our obligation to provide your cake very seriously. However, should an unforeseeable event occur that prevents us from fulfilling our obligation and forces us to cancel our agreement with you, we will refund your payment in full. In addition, if at all possible, we will work with you to find another qualified pastry chef or local bakery to assist you with your cake, and will communicate your specifications to the new baker/designer.

Liability for Mistakes – While we make every effort to provide exactly the flavors, fillings, decorations, sizes, shapes and colors you have requested, the creation of a wedding cake is an art and may be subject to slight variations and/or errors by the creator(s).

Limitation of Liability – Cakebuds Bakery will endeavor to perform its services in a professional manner and provide the best customer experience possible. In the event that our products or services do not meet our high standards, or the client is dissatisfied, we may--at our discretion--refund the amount paid for those products and services. Cakebuds Bakery total liability is hereby limited to amounts paid to Cakebuds Bakery for its goods and services. Cakebuds Bakery will not be liable for any special, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages, whether foreseen or unforeseen, regardless of whether liability is based on breach of contract, breach of express or implied warranty, negligence, strict liability, tort, or otherwise.

Post-Setup Precautions – Once the cake assembly/setup is complete at your event venue, Cakebuds Bakery is not responsible for any damage to the cake other than damage that occurs as a result of improper construction/production. If your venue is outdoors, it is your responsibility to take the necessary precautions (shading, level ground, insect netting, wind protection, temperature control, etc.) to ensure that the cake remains intact beyond initial setup. 

Photographs of Your Cake – We reserve the right to take and use our own photos of your cake(s) to use for marketing and promotional purposes without compensation to you. We may also request photographs from your photographer for the same purpose, although we would credit the photographer in our marketing (if the photographer agrees thereto).

Cake Pickup Instructions

Important instructions for preparing your car and delivering your cake 

  • Generally, your cake will be packaged in a sealed box to protect your cake from dust, rain or foreign objects (with the exception of extremely large or gravity defying cakes that may not fit packaging)

  • The best way to transport your cake is in the back of a van, station wagon or SUV. If none of these options are available, it is possible to transport smaller sized cakes in the floorboard of a car, however this is a last resort due to the potential for damage.

  • Under no Circumstances should a cake be transported on a vehicle seat. (It is also highly discouraged to transport your cake on someone’s knee/lap)

  • Please prepare the back of the vehicle in advance of picking up the cake by clearing out any loose objects and vacuuming/shaking out any debris.

  • On warm days, it is imperative that your vehicle have a working cooling unit (air conditioning). Please run it before your pickup until your car’s interior is cool

  • Allowing pets to be in the car during a cake transport is strongly discouraged.

  • Driver must take extreme caution, keeping the vehicle level at all times, especially when turning corners, and must avoid any sudden acceleration, cornering or aggressive braking.

  • Please adhere to the agreed-upon pick up time.

  • Upon arrival at the event venue, be sure to set up the cake in a cool display area away from sunlight (and away from anywhere sunlight might move to) without delay



Cake Pickup Disclaimer

When opting to pick up your wedding or specialty cake instead of having it delivered you understand that transporting this type of cake requires all of the above pre-arrangements, and you agree to prepare your vehicle in advance accordingly.

You acknowledge that once you have picked up your cake, Cakebuds Bakery­­ cannot be held liable for any damage or failure that may occur once the cake leaves our store or during transport, handling, set up or display. Once you have the cake, it is your responsibility to transport it directly to the event venue and not leave it unattended in your vehicle or anywhere outside.

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